F1RSTDESIGN Team in front of the office entrance | Old textile dyeing factory in Cologne Bickendorf

Our Cologne communication design office F1RSTDESIGN has been founded in 1999 by Christopher Ledwig. Lucid in its concepts without being ordinary – F1RSTDESIGN's design philosophy answers the needs of various fields ranging from local, national as well as international clients. F1RSTDESIGN has grown into a team of communication and industrial designers and architects performing cross-disciplinary based on international experience. We cover the traditional skills of communication design in 2D [corporate design, graphics, interface design, editorial design] and 3D [wayfinding systems, fair trade, shop design, packaging]. Our inter-disciplinary team is characterized by cross-media-solutions following an analytical design approach.

CEO Dipl. Des. Christopher Ledwig has been lecturer for corporate design at the Folkwang University of the Arts in Wuppertal. He is a professor p.p. for crossmedia and integrated communication. At the moment he teaches typography and crossmedia at the technical college in Trier – department intermedia design. http://www.intermediales-design.de/team/christopher-ledwig-dipl-des

F1RSTDESIGN Top floor | Deskgroup 1

F1RSTDESIGN Ground floor

We generally do not send our work to awards. Occasionally we can not hinder clients to do so.
- European Newspaper Award 2015
- European Design Award 2011 [Bronze] http://www.europeandesign.org/#/ed-awards/winners/various/30-signs-displ...
- 2. Prize Invited competition for the identification of Roman roads
- 1. Prize Zollverein Park Unesco world heritage site [1. Prize im Europe-wide Competition]
- Graphic Design Award of Honor SEGD.org Society for Environmental [9 of 409]
- Federation of German Graphic Designers Logo competition
- 1. Prize Microsoft 18/1 Poster Competition
- Special-prize Rover Group Calendar competition
- Sponk - Designprize Cologne, for the category Corporate Design

- CO & CO Corporate Design Magazin, 9.2013
- CO & CO Corporate Design Magazin, 6.2013
- CO & CO Corporate Design Magazin, 1.2013
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- Signage Design, Braun Publishers
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- Environmental Graphic Design Worldwide, MDX Publishers
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- Signage Design, Vision Int. Publishers
- form Magazine, 05.2011
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- Graphic Design in Architecture, Design Media Publishing
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- roger Magazin 03.2005
- CO & CO Corporate Design Magazin, 2.2004
- CO & CO Corporate Design Magazin, 1.2004
- Index Logo, with publisher, 4 Mentions
- Pictogram and Icon Graphics, PIE Books
- ...

- "Zollverein" Goethe Institut, Rotterdam
- "Positionen" Society of German Architects, Cologne
- "Wayfinding Systems", University of Wuppertal department Architecture
- Forum Typografie - Literate culture in the Ruhr
- "Publish Architecture", University of Wuppertal department Architecture
- Comment on Observatorium: "observations on the present state", Stroom foundation Den Haag stroom.nl
- "Local calls" University of Wuppertal
- Annual Conference SEGD Society of Environmental Graphic Design, Austin Texas USA
- Rheinform Architects as a series of Lectures, Cologne

- "Made in Germany" 2009 School of Architecture & Design in Thailand